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Biblical Family Ministries was founded with the absolute conviction that Bible truth can solve the growing problems of broken and divided homes with all the accompanying heartache. The Bible's teachings on marriage, family, and child training are to be honored as timeless truths revealing God's perfect plan and must not be cast aside as cultural or archaic.  If you are one of the countless families struggling today, you, too, can find  answers, hope, and assurance of God's plan for you and your family in the Bible!

God’s Word has the answer for you!

Victory Over Trial and Trouble

Victory of Trial and Trouble
Trouble and heartache abound in our world. For some, the trials of life are destructive to themselves and their family. Others survive, but often carry anger and bitterness into their future, affecting their attitudes and actions for years to come. For those who refuse these scenarios, and instead want renewed peace and joy in their life, there is victory available. If that is you or someone you care about,  "Victory Over Trial and Trouble", will give you answers from God's Word.

Written by Dr. E. Allen Griffith