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Biblical Family Ministries was founded with the absolute conviction that Bible truth can solve the growing problems of broken and divided homes with all the accompanying heartache. The Bible's teachings on marriage, family, and child training are to be honored as timeless truths revealing God's perfect plan and must not be cast aside as cultural or archaic.  If you are one of the countless families struggling today, you, too, can find  answers, hope, and assurance of God's plan for you and your family in the Bible!

God’s Word has the answer for you!

You cannot understand what is happening in the world unless you realize the nation of Israel is still God’s chosen people. The turmoil in the Middle East will eventually lead to the final world war of all nations. That war will end when Jesus Christ returns in glory to rule the world and sit on the throne of his father David. Israel, Still God’s Chosen People, will open the Scriptures to show that God has not cast away His people. The great promises made to Abraham will be fulfilled. There are promises to Israel and promises to the Gentiles. God, in His faithfulness, will keep His Word.


While all BFM materials are available on a donation basis. We suggest a donation of $10.00 to cover the book and mailing.

The Caesar Initiative

For a long time we at BFM have been burdened for the souls of legislators in Pennsylvania and in every other state. The Caesar Initiative is a new evangelistic effort directed toward elected officials in Pennsylvania, as well as their staffs. The major emphasis will be to reach State Senators and State Representatives.

Jeff Griffith will lead this new outreach and carry it on parallel to the work of Keystone Heritage Project. KHP is a 501 (c) 4 non-profit corporation which has been established to connect Pastors, Churches and individual Christians with their legislators. KHP will lead an effort to work with legislators to protect the religious, moral and cultural heritage of Pennsylvania.

The establishment of KHP has been inspired by the growing acceptance of perversion and immorality in our Country. Sadly, a variety of these practices are being given special rights through legislation to force people of faith to sacrifice their values or face legal consequences. Much is at stake and there must be a concentrated effort to preserve the traditional values of Pennsylvania. We are grateful that in God’s providence Jeff has built relationships with a number of believers who hold elected office. The door is open for KHP to have impact and a greater door will open to reach other elected officials for the Savior.

BFM is running a fund raising campaign to raise $20,000 to launch this outreach and then will seek to raise friends and supporters to stand with us in the months and years ahead.

BFM has not asked for funds as a regular practice. We are asking now because of the urgency of the hour and the greatness of the need. If you will stand with us now, please send your gift to Biblical Family Ministries, Box 285, Myerstown, PA 17067 or you may give online. Designate your gift for The Caesar Initiative. Both of these efforts are now underway. Please pray with us and help if possible.

As you may know legislation has been offered that will harm Pennsylvanians. Various bills may come to the floor of either house this fall. We are trying to be prepared to speak for you.